Medusa’s Laugh Press is an independent literary press located in Wallingford, CT. We publish limited edition, handbound books of poetry, short fiction and nonfiction. We officially launched operations in October 2011 with calls for two anthologies. We’ve published eight titles to date, and regularly have open calls for our next publication. Check our submissions page for our upcoming projects.

Æleen Frisch is the editor-in-chief of Medusa’s Laugh Press. She is a book artist and writer, as well as the author of several best-selling books on computer system administration and computational chemistry.

Ash Smith is the associate editor who evaluates submissions, works on marketing and makes books.

Lauryn Leonidas is an editorial intern. She created designs for the website and has evaluated submissions and constructed books.

Olivia Sorrentino is a marketing intern. She helps create and edit videos and make books.

Julia Sorrentino is a marketing intern currently assisting in the construction of the Gaussian, Inc. Database desktop application. In addition, she helps produce books.


Elena Sorrentino was a publishing intern. She assists with a variety of publication responsibilities, including evaluating submissions, designing books and publication.

Pattie Flint was previously an editor involved in all aspects of the press. She also designed our logo.

Lien Thi Bich Vu was previously an intern. She made books and created the design for this new website.

Carley Oliveto was previously a marketing intern. She assisted with website design, marketing campaigns and making books.

Emma Roth was a publishing intern. She assisted in writing calls, evaluating submissions and making books.

Ollie Monti was an editorial intern. They made books and did a variety of design activities.

For queries and other correspondence, you can email us at